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It looks like we here at HomeFinders are kinda poor at keeping up with the blog…but it’s really because we are so busy with the animals!

We have had a good couple of months as far as adoptions go.  Lots of cats in great homes, and some dogs too!

At any rate, we promise to be more diligent in our writing, and have some stories to tell that we will post in the coming days!

Thanks, as usual for all the support 🙂  here are some photos from the last month!



Raffle Tix Avail Until MIDNITE Tonight!!

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Alright, ladies and gentlemen!!  We are extending raffle ticket sales until midnight tonight – because of our great sponsors we have lots of FABULOUS prizes available and want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enter!!  If you want a chance to win, you can buy your tickets via paypal! ***We can’t get the paypal button to imbed in this post, so if you are buying tickets, please go to and click on the DONATE paypal button under the first paragraph on the page!! THANK YOU!!!**

Prizes available:

From Release the Hounds – a fabulous gift basket with a New to Clicker Training Start Up Kit AND a gift certificate for a 6 week training program for a total value of $210!

From Sugarlime Jewelry – “Dakota” Necklace and Earrings, “Jill” Necklace and Earrings, “Tamara” Earrings, and a “Meghan” Necklace for a total value of $214!

From Barking Babies – a gift basket complete with a waterproof, quilted back seat cover for when you have the pooch in the car, AND dog toys & treats!  Total value of $125

From Fashion Magazine – TWO one year subscriptions to FASHION Magazine, as well as a $50 gift certificate for a dinner out at Aqua Riva/Salmon House or Seasons in the Park – total value $140

From WOOF! – a great gift basket for YOU!  Wine, Purdy’s chocolate, crackers, tea and more!!!

From Three Dog Bakery – a gift basket for your favorite dog on your holiday gift list!  Including a gift mug & dog treat set, Gracie’s Gourmet entree, Peanut Butter Treats, a gift certificate and more!

From Point Grey Veterinary Clinic – a gift basket for the fab feline in your life!  Kitty kong wubba, some of the best toys and treats around!

From Making Memories with Scrapbooking – two $25 gift cards as well as a Class Membership Card!

…as well as some miscellanous prizes!!

Please send in your entries NOW so you have a chance to win!!  Besides being awesome, if you can’t use some of this stuff, it will make a GREAT GIFT!!


Come See us Tomorrow!!!

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We will have our final event of the holiday season tomorrow – the grande finale of HomeFinders Animal Rescue’s 3rd Annual Pet Photos with Santa, hosted by Release the Hounds in Vancouver!!

Details here –

Cannot wait to see you there, and don’t forget to bring your donations of used or new pet food or supplies for homeless animals in BC!!

Holiday Fundraiser!


Here’s the info (posters) for our upcoming Pet Photos with Santa Fundraisers!!   Feel free (and please do!) to print a copy of the posters and share them, or tweet, FB, xpost this blog entry!

Besides photos, we will have some baked goodies for you and your pets, raffle baskets to be won, and the option of photocards or gifts for holiday gifts!

We will also be collecting donations of unopened cat & dog food, kitty litter & litter boxes, collars, leashes, coats & sweaters for dogs, crates, kennels, carriers and pens of all sizes, toys, dishes, beds…whatever you think a pet may need!  These will be used for homeless pets; through our program and needy, unwanted pets in Northern BC where we will distribute what we collect.  We will accept donations at all our events (as well as monetary donations) and if you can’t make it please let us know – we will make other arrangements to get what you have to give!


November 27th and December 11th @ Release the Hounds;

November 28 @ Point Grey Veterinary Clinic;

December 5th  @ Woof Dog Shoppe;

There you have it!  With 3 locations & 4 dates to choose from we hope for a great turn out, and can’t wait to see you there!!

(and kittens will be there, too!)…


Gearing up!

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I know it may seem early – but it’s just around the corner!

HomeFinders is getting ready for our 3rd annual Pet Photos with Santa Fundraiser – which is always a good time!!

Besides basic photos with Santa we have Christmas Card photo packages, as well as photo gifts available, and multiple raffle baskets full of GREAT stuff, baked goods for you and your pets, and usually some  adoptable pets in tow, too!!

We are super excited this year, as we will be having photos in three different locations thanks to the lovely owners of Point Grey Vet Clinic,  Release the Hounds (, and Woof! ( on 4 separate dates just to make sure everyone has a chance to make it!!

We are ironing out the details, but the 1st two dates are set – Nov 27 and 28 – one in South Vancouver and the other in the Point Grey/UBC area – and more details to come!!

Details posted on our facebook page events listing!!

Please x-post and share this and help make this holiday season spectacular for the 30 pets we currently have in care!!  Stay tuned for more details!!

The Kitty Condos!


Here’s a quick phone-post on my way from work to Clicker-Class with Queen Sophie!  Without further ado, I present the kitty condos!  (Currently housing Aster, Fluffy, August, Natasha and Malia – – Jenny went to a foster home last night, and the kitten cage set up in my living room with beautiful Miss Lily – although you can’t see her in this photo, ‘cos she is on strike and hiding!)

(Natasha and Malia flew down yesterday morning – Tash is on the left, Malia on the right)

(Aster, Jenny, August and Fluffy flew down on Sunday morning.  In this photo, Aster is on the left and the other 3 are together on the right)

(Lily got dropped off on Sunday, and is super-scared…but making progress…she no longer has her carrier in the cage and is starting to check stuff out.)

(this is what Lily looks like – from when she was up North.  Hopefully we will be able to “tame” her and she will eventually find a great home!  What a pretty girl.)

That’s it for now, but expect plenty of updates coming up soon as we have a tonne of stuff going on!!

Thanks again to the folks at Extra Hands for building the condos!! (link in previous post – check them out!!) – we still owe a few hundred $ towards the materials for the condos, if you would like to donate please visit and click on the “donate” button under the first paragraph!!


New ‘Stuff

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Its been a long couple of weeks here at HomeFinders, but hopefully things are calming down and will be slow (or fast – we need homes!!!) and steady in the next little while!

A few updates!  First, we have our kitty condos completed an are flying the last 2 cats from Smithers tomorrow!!  NO cats had to be put down, we did it & although there’s still a lot of work ahead, the cats are safe, warm and housed!  Only 6 had to be brought here to stay in the condos and we are SO happy with the contacts we’ve made!

The condos are 4-levels each, 6′ ish? Tall and comfy.  Thanks to Chris and Shanna @ Extra Hands for building these!! ( – I will get some photos up tomorrow!

August, Aster, Jenny and Fluffy are currently settling into their new luxury accommodations and not too upset from their big day!!

Miss Lily came back to us as she just wasn’t socializing with her family in her new home.  She is now again looking for a great home and we are sure she will make great progress now without her brother!

Patches and Simba came down and are settled in beautifully in their foster home.  They are lovely affectionate boys!!

We had an adoption event at Release the Hounds ( and met some great people and thank you so much to the owners, Niki and Josh, for their ongoing support!!  We will have some Christmas photo fundraising dates there at the end of next month/beginning of December!

We had another event at Woof Dog Shoppe ( in Kits, thank you to everyone who came by and we look forward to doing it again!!  

Sophie is well, making progress and going to classes at Release the Hounds.  We are sure she will make a great companion for the right person, especially if they have other dogs (she loves!) and kids (she adores!) – she will take or leave the adults 😉

We received our certificate of incorporation, yay!  This means we are incorporated as a not for profit society in BC.  We are finishing up our paperwork for charitable status, which is fabulous and exciting!!

We still need sponsors!  We have outstanding $$ towards the materials for the kitty condos, vet bills, and Sophie’s training.  We also have 3 going in to be fixed in the next week, and Diablo had his big day about a week ago!!  It all adds up and we could really use the support!!  You can donate via paypal – go to our site @ and under the first paragraph is a “donate” button!!  Every dollar helps!!  Donations can also be made directly to Point Grey Veterinary Clinic 604-228-9633 on the HomeFinders account via credit card, or by mail – 
6207 Fleming St
Vancouver, BC
V5P 3G7

Thank you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! To everyone!!  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for and appreciate you all!!!!

Loki aka

Loki, also known as FAT would like to say Happy Thnxgiving & he would really like a home!  (maybe with his bitsy sister Nix aka Dot!)

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